Chances of winning money on a Slot Machine

Slots are easy to play. All that's required of you is to pull the lever or press a button. The chances of winning money on slots vary depending on the type of machine you play on.

Slot Type Casino Win Percent
1 Cent 10.77%
5 Cent 5.96%
25 Cent 5.74%
1 Dollar 5.64%
Mega Bucks 12.89%
5 Dollar 5.51%
25 Dollar 3.97%
100 Dollar 4.73%

This data is from Page 6 of the Annual Gaming Revenue Report of Clark County, Nevada.

Tips and tricks for slots

Make sure to use player cards to get comps. Also, go for the slot machines that don't look as nice as the fancy ones with big screen LCDs and gimmicks, as they typically payout worse. As can be seen from the chart, the slot machine with the best odds is the $25 machine, but only by a few percent. The best possible odds with the $25 machine using the average numbers for 2012 tell us that for every $25 you put in, you'll end up with 25-.0397*25 = $24.00 The chart also tells us that the 1 cent and mega bucks machines should be avoided at all costs since they have terrible odds of winning.

By Brian Roizen